Sunday School | 10-10:45 a.m.

Sunday School is a continuation of our common life in worship - a time to know and to be known, to learn and to pray, and to attend ever more closely to what God is doing among us at Blacknall and in the world. Classes are always open to visitors. Look for a deacon wearing a bright red vest if you need help locating a class. 


College Age & Young Adults

If you’re looking to get to know people at Blacknall and to put a regular time of Bible Study into your schedule, this is a place for you. College-age, young professionals, graduate students, working, or aimlessly wandering are all welcome.
Leader: Goodie Bell
Location: Community Room, Room 201

30s, 40s & Friends

We use the Book of Acts as a lens to view our lives in Durham, asking: “how is Christ at work with us today?” and “what opportunities exist to share life outside of our weekly fellowship?” Following Acts, Nisrine will lead us through a mini-series she is calling “Making Space for God.”   
Leaders: Christian Pikaart, Nisrine Pineo
Location: Fellowship Hall


First Things

We plan to continue our class on “Jesus Interprets His Own Cross” for the Summer. The class consists of viewing 30 min video lectures by Dr. Ken Bailey followed by class discussion. 
Leader: Bisharah Libbus
Location: Upper Room, Room 405


Faith Seeking Understanding: Reform without the Splinters? 

Faith Seeking Understanding will take up the question of divisions in the church rooted in the Reformation. Using a study by David Steinmetz (“Reformers in the Wings”) we will look at ideas of lesser known reformers who postulated ways to reform the church without splintering it in the process and how those ideas could be helpful for us now. 
Leader: Russ Congleton
Location: Choir Room, Room 103


Sermon on the mount

Each class member reads the assigned weekly Bible passage outside class to understand God’s Voice to him / her through the text. Class discussion is about: 1) main theme of that Bible passage 2) character and nature of God on display  3) where this pushes each of us.
Leaders: John Hamilton, Michael Whisenhunt
Location: Room 404



This multi-generational class studies scripture following the sermon series. We use group discussion as a means to enrich our understanding of how we might practically live out the gospel, as well as provide Christian community.
Leaders: Don Grigg, Rudy Renfer
Location: Room 402


Growing in Grace

An in-depth study of the book of Joshua. We are moving slowly, examining the text in the light of the New Testament. We are carefully discussing what it meant for the Israelites to be “at rest” and live in the promised land, and seeing how it compares to us living in our “rest,” i.e. the outpost of the kingdom of God. At some point, we will also complete our study of Revelation (chapters 21-22) as we compare the promise to the Israelites regarding the promised land to the promise given to us of the new heaven and the new earth. Most of the people in the class are very involved in the study and there is always a lot of discussion. The classes are supplemented by extensive handouts every week. 
Leader: Paul Immanuel, Shawn Condon, Vance Fowler, Greg Wray
Location: Room 401

Questions? Contact Matt Bridges