Sunday School | 10-10:45 a.m.

Sunday School is a continuation of our common life in worship - a time to know and to be known, to learn and to pray, and to attend ever more closely to what God is doing among us at Blacknall and in the world. Classes are always open to visitors. Look for a deacon wearing a bright red vest if you need help locating a class. 

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College Age fellowship

What does it mean to be the body of Christ together, and how does that relate to our lives as college students? This year, we’ll talk about the book of Acts, asking how the same Spirit at work in the early church is working among us now. Come for honest questions, prayer, fellowship, and Sunday morning food!
Leaders: Katie Waltar, Deb & Aaron Ebert
Location: The Parlor


Young Adults

If you’re looking to get to know people at Blacknall and to put a regular time of Bible Study into your schedule, this is a place for you. Young professionals, graduate students, working, or aimlessly wandering are all welcome.
Leader: Goodie Bell
Location: Community Room, Room 201


30s, 40s & Friends

The book of Acts is an amazing story of how a group of backcountry disciples of an executed teacher managed to turn the world upside down (Acts 17:6). In themselves, they weren’t all that special. But they proclaimed that their teacher is alive, and is Lord; and his spirit constantly preceded them, challenging them to live lives of risk, love, and wonder. This year we’re going to study Acts in order to encourage each other and to learn together by asking, “What is the Spirit calling us to see and to do in Durham and in the places where we live and work?” In an effort to help us faithfully answer this question, we’ll spend some time throughout the class hearing how the Spirit is at work in the lives of folks at Blacknall seeking to follow Jesus in their daily rhythms.    
Leaders: Mary Mathew, Christian Pikaart
Location: Fellowship Hall


First Things

We are exhorted to have the mind of Christ, his attitude, purpose, and convictions. How do we reflect His mind? How do we grow into His likeness? This class addresses these related questions. During the first few weeks, we will review the highlights of the class we had last fall “What is New about the New Testament?”. Then we will delve into major values that Jesus upholds: loving God and others, justice and mercy, humility and service, hospitality and compassion, the Kingdom and discipleship, understanding and obeying, among others. The class is discussion-based and class participation is encouraged. Join us and enrich the conversation.
Leader: Bisharah Libbus
Location: Upper Room


Faith Seeking Understanding: The Challenges of Christian Citizenship

This class examines the challenges of being residents in the world and citizens of a Kingdom awaiting its full realization. We will examine historical responses of Christians to living, as Luther put it, in the presence of our enemies including monasticism, communalism, two kingdoms theology and Christendom, among others. Among the texts we will use in our exploration is “Resident Aliens,” by Stanley Hauerwas and William Willimon. We also take an in-depth look at one of the most extreme examples of the disjunction between Christian allegiance to the Kingdom of God and to the nation state in the life and death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.
Leader: Russ Congleton, Lowrie Beacham
Location: Choir Room, Room 103


50 Essential New Testament passages

The Holy Spirit speaks most clearly to us through the Scriptures, and people learn best in community. We will read two NT passages during the week and will discuss in class: 1) its main theme 2) what God is like 3) where the Holy Spirit is pushing us through each passage. Prerequisite: Read two NT passages each week and discuss in class what you’re hearing. No need for commentaries.; just us, the Holy Spirit and the Scriptures. Powerful experience, if we do the reading.
Leaders: John Hamilton, Michael Whisenhunt
Location: Room 401



This multi-generational class studies scripture following the sermon series. We use group discussion as a means to enrich our understanding of how we might practically live out the gospel, as well as provide Christian community.
Leaders: Don Grigg, Rudy Renfer
Location: Room 402


Growing in Grace

A study of the book of Joshua that focuses on how we should read and apply lessons from the book on the basis of the New Testament, particularly the Sermon on the Mount, the book of James and the epistles of Peter. We will compare the movement of the Israelites to the Promised Land with our journey to the land promised for us in Revelation 21-22. The class will use lectures, discussions and extensive handouts. Difficult issues will not be avoided.
Leader: Paul Immanuel
Location: Room 401

Questions? Contact Matt Bridges