Young Adults


Sunday School – Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. in the Community Room

The Young Adult Community at Blacknall (YAC) gathers to read Scripture, pray, and eat together. Our group includes folks in a variety of ages and stages—single, married, young professionals, and graduate students—but we approach the Scriptures with shared questions: What does it mean to “leave everything” to follow Jesus when people emphasize the exciting opportunities that I should take advantage of during this phase in life? How do I “take up my cross daily” and “lose my life” when I am supposed to be establishing my career? How can we, as those who trust in Christ, be in a community of trust with one another when people are so transient?

Join us we pray for and seek faithful Christian discipleship during this age and stage of life. Drop by the Community Room on a Sunday morning. Join us for lunch after church. Gather with us for prayer. We are always glad to have new folks check us out or get involved.

For more information, contact Goodie Bell.