Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church Session first adopted our “Policy for the Prevention of Abuse of Youth and Children” in 2003. It states:

The staff and leadership of Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church are grateful to God for the faithful workers who choose to minister to our children. This is a vital and precious segment of our church community. We strive to support our workers through prayer, training, and supervision. We endeavor to provide an environment for children and workers that is safe and appropriate. The policies and procedures included in the policy are an effort to protect against abuse and neglect, or false allegations of abuse or neglect, as well as provide an environment that promotes good health standards and emergency procedures. The purpose of the policy is to protect children and youth from the risk of abuse by establishing guidelines for those who are working with children and youth, whether paid or volunteers. A secondary purpose is to train adults who work with children or youth to act prudently in order to avoid false accusation of abuse.

The entire policy is given to each worker as they volunteer, posted in each classroom, and available at the Nursery check-in desk. Each worker is required to complete a screening application form as part of our policy, and background checks will be conducted for all contract workers. In addition, each worker is also required to attend an abuse and prevention orientation presented by the Director of Children’s Ministries or the Director of Youth Ministries.

Policies for the prevention of and response to illness are posted in the Nursery and Children’s classroom areas. If a child shows any of the following symptoms they should stay home: Temp over 100*, diarrhea, vomiting, body rash, sore throat with fever, excessive coughing, eye discharge, or excessive, purulent nasal discharge. Control Procedures include those for: hand washing, sanitation, diapering, toy cleaning, and blood precautions. First aid kits are readily available in all areas. Again, these policies are posted in all Children’s Ministry areas, and copies are available upon request.