The nursery at Blacknall provides our youngest children with a safe, healthy and fun environment in which the love of Christ is demonstrated through the caring hands and hearts of our nursery volunteers. Nursery is provided during our two worship services for children from birth to three years old, and during the Sunday school hour for infants and toddlers up to two years old. Sunday school is provided for 2 year olds and up.



Children are signed in by their parents at the check-in desk at the entrance to the nursery hallway on the ground floor. Name tags for all regular attenders and members are on a bulletin board, and visitors are given a name tag by the coordinator on duty at the desk. Children are then escorted to the proper room:

Teddy Bears: birth to crawling
crawling to walking
Puppies: walking to approximately age 2
Fish: approximately age 2 – 3
Birds: approximately age 3-4


When picking up children from their rooms, workers will check the back of name tags to identify family members by the family photo on the back. For visitors, we will have a set of safety pins attached to the name tag. One will stay on the child, the matching pin must be presented to pick up that child. Special instruction stickers are available at the check-in desk to provide workers with special information regarding your child.


Pagers are available during the morning, especially for parents of visitors and infants. If you wish, a cell phone number can be left instead of taking a pager in case you are needed.


All of our coordinators and nursery workers are volunteers who are serving you and your children. All regular attending families who have children in the nursery are encouraged to volunteer approximately every 6 weeks. We need 29 volunteers each week to keep our nursery running smoothly! We also seek room parents to keep each room clean and in order. If you would like to volunteer please contact the nursery director, or Beth Solie, Director of Preschool Children’s Ministries.