What We Believe

Our Mission
Blacknall Memorial Presbyterian Church is called to glorify the Triune God, to make known the crucified and risen Christ, and to advance the Kingdom that God is building in us, in Durham, and around the world.

Believe Collage

We’re imperfect. We make mistakes. But as a body of believers, we’re committed to serving Christ, embedding Scriptural teaching in our hearts, and working out our faith in our daily lives. So who are we?

We are:

  • Flawed, realizing our sin and gratefully accepting God’s grace, salvation and promise of continued renewal.
  • Christians, believing that accepting Christ as our Savior is the single most important decision we’ll ever make and that our call is to know, love and follow Him.
  • Evangelical, experiencing the comfort and intimacy of worshiping and interacting with a personal Savior and reaching out to others to share our faith and beliefs.
  • Presbyterians, gladly submitting to our denomination’s governing bodies, operating according to the policies laid out in our Book of Order, and accepting the authority of our elected elders.
  • Reformed, embracing a theological tradition which emphasizes the authority of Scripture, the sovereign grace of God, and the mandate to proclaim Jesus as Lord to the whole world.
  • Thoughtful, questioning our faith and the hard questions it invites, seeking to grow in spiritual maturity, and staying open to continual renewal through the Holy Spirit.
  • Service-minded, donating time, skills, and funds to church and community ministries and programs, as well as helping others in myriad informal ways.

Blacknall is a member of the Fellowship of Presbyterians. To learn more, please visit their website.