Table Talk

Table Talk is an educational series featuring dinner, fellowship, and learning programs for all ages. Excellent teachers from our community plan exciting classes on how we can walk more faithfully in the way of Jesus. A highlight of Blacknall's life together!  A tasty, nutritious meal will be available in the Fellowship Hall, with vegetarian and gluten-free options. 

Stay tuned - 2019 schedule coming soon!

2018 Adult Courses

Adoptive & Foster Parents Discussion/Support Group

If your family includes foster and/or adopted children, this group is for you! Come multiply your joys and divide your struggles with others who are also walking this often lonely road. Multinational, transracial, special needs families:  All are welcome.

Leaders: Andrea & Paul Tshihamba, Traci & Don Hoover

Location: Room 402

Drawing as a Spiritual Discipline

Drawing is like life. If you think it's all about you and how great (or awful) you are, you're missing the point. It's really about learning to see, to understand, and to love. Those things take a lot of practice. Along the way, you open yourself up to a lot of frustration, but also to hope and joy. Whether you've been drawing for years or haven't drawn a thing since preschool, join us as we practice drawing and reflect upon drawing as a spiritual discipline, a means by which the Holy Spirit can guide us into a deeper love for our neighbor, our world, and the God who made it all.

Leaders: Liz Shively, Terry Simpson, Ashley Weinard

Location: Community Room

Jesus Christ, & Him Crucified!

This was the focus of the gospel as it was preached by the Apostle Paul.  The shameful death of Jesus on a cross is the very heart of Christianity, a heart that we are tempted to avoid.  In this course we will focus on the Crucifixion of Jesus.  The question is not so much, “Why did Jesus have to die?”  The question is, “Why did he have to die by crucifixion?”  What is the implication of Christ’s death on a cross for us in how we live our lives in the world?  For each of us and for us together?  We will be using Fleming Rutledge’s book, The Crucifixion as a resource for our conversation but it will not be necessary to read the book to participate in the conversation.

Leader: Evan & Lucy Cate, David Dunderdale

Location: Parlor

Gospel in Life

This eight week curriculum out of Redeemer Church in New York asks us to think about our vocations and service in the world in light of our newfound identity in Christ.  It will include brief video featuring Tim Keller and group discussion.  (Full disclosure: there will be some work at home to get the most from our gathering. But no final grade, if that is any consolation.)

Leaders: Lauren Holahan, Allan Poole      

Location: Upper Room

Singing in Worship: Soul Food

"Sing to the Lord" is a phrase that runs through Scripture, and singing in worship has played a vital role in congregational worship throughout the centuries.  In this class, we will use music of multiple styles as a devotional exercise.  "Music is a window for the expression and experience of God's truth, goodness and beauty."

Leaders: Jamie Turnage, Dave Stuntz      

Location: Sanctuary 


2018 Youth & Children

High School - Youth are welcome to join any of the adult classes.

Middle School Course - Gather in the Youth Room to enjoy fun and fellowship! Come ready to go outside and play GaGa ball! Leader: Tanya Kronstad

3rd-5th Grade Girls - American Girls Friendship Club! We'll have games, crafts, songs, Bible lessons, skits, and way-cool T-shirts. Be there or Be Square! Meet in room 110. Leaders: Karen Struble, Stefanie Tokiyama

3rd-5th Grade Boys - Book club and game time.

Kindergarten-2nd Grade - Homework, craft & game rooms.

Nursery - Available for birth through age 4.

2018 Details


Dinner     5:30 - 6:15 p.m.

Courses   6:30 - 7:30 p.m.

Nursery   6:15 - 7:30 p.m.


$5      Adult

$3      Children 6-College

Free   Children 5 & under

Max family charge per week is $15. Pay in advance for the entire program and get a free meal!