Table Talk

Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 p.m. | Sept. 25-Nov. 13, 2019

Table Talk is an educational series featuring dinner, fellowship, and learning programs for all ages. Excellent teachers from our community plan exciting classes on how we can walk more faithfully in the way of Jesus. A highlight of Blacknall's life together!  A tasty, nutritious meal will be available in the Fellowship Hall, with vegetarian and gluten-free options. 


Dinner     5:30 - 6:15 p.m.
Courses   6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Nursery   6:15 - 7:30 p.m.


$5      Adult
$3      Children 6-College
Free   Children 5 & under
Max family charge per week is $15. Pay in advance for the entire program and get a free meal!

To help with dinners, contact Carmen Nashland.

Table Talk Courses

The Story of Diamond as Metaphor for our Journey with Christ

We will explore the “life” of diamond from its formation deep in the earth to its explosive arrival and subsequent journey above ground to its discovery and deliverance into the hands of a master cutter who transforms it into a beautiful, brilliant gem! A little science, a little history and much metaphor!
Facilitators: Bev Iber, Lauren Holahan


12 Neighbors | What Does It Mean to Really Love Our Neighbor?

Jesus commands us to love "your neighbor as yourself." How do we love our neighbors today? What does it mean for Blacknall to love our neighbors? How do we work together for the common good? Looking at examples from around the world, we will not only discuss appropriate action in our community here in Durham, but we will then take action together as a group.
Facilitators: David Dunderdale, Brett McCarty

The “I AM” Statements in the Gospel of John

In Exodus, God tells Moses His name is, "l am who I am," or YHWH, which was too sacred to be pronounced. Yet Jesus used it in reference to himself. The various “I am” statements in Scripture reveal profound insights into who Jesus is. We will explore several of these statements and how they impact our lives and our worship. 
Facilitators: David Conner, Ray Hackney


The Parenting Course (DVD Course By Alpha International)

Parenting is hard! Don’t go it alone. Join us for a 10 week dinner, video and discussion series that will connect you with other parents and strengthen your family. Open to non-Blacknall families- invite a friend to take the course with you! Please note: the class runs 10 weeks, Sept. 18-Nov. 20 (Beginning one week before and ending one week after Table Talk.) More information here.
Facilitators: John & Ali Shoenfelt

Prayer: Just Do It!

This course will not be about prayer. We won’t be talking about prayer. We will be praying. Do you feel like maybe we know enough information already? That maybe more important than learning more would be for us to be following more? Maybe more important than our efforts would be for God to move and take action? This course will be our practicing this most powerful of spiritual practices. Using various formats and led by various members of the Blacknall community, we will gather each week simply to pray.
Facilitators: Various  

Born Toward Dying | Christian Reflections on Death

For Christians, death presents a pair of significant challenges.  To those near death, the challenge is to face it “Christianly” – bearing witness to faith, hope, and love. For the grieving, the test is to bear loss in a manner that demonstrates a genuine expectation of both resurrection and life in the world to come. What does it mean to consider, reflect upon, and understand death in ways that glorify God? This Table Talk course will explore and discuss questions of death and dying in both contemporary and historical contexts. 
Facilitators: David Crow & Guest Speakers

Children & Youth

High School - Youth are welcome to join any of the adult classes.

Middle School - Middle schoolers and leaders will spend our time together focused on fun and fellowship! Location: Youth Room (basement level)

Elementary - Details coming soon!

Nursery - Available for birth through age 4.