Prayers for Allan

October 12 Update

Thank you for praying and caring for the Pooles! Allan is doing well as he  continues cardiac rehab. He is looking forward to returning to work soon.


September 28 Update

Allan is continuing to recuperate. Thank you for your prayers, particularly for a full recovery of heart function, and thank you for filling up the meal calendar!


September 19 Update
Allan has returned home and is doing well. Meals and cards are encouraging, and they love all the flowers and cards folks have left on the front porch! Please no calls or visits at this time as Allan continues to rest and recover.

  • Sign up to bring a meal.
  • Consider sending a card and responding to the questions Allan asked in his last sermon on Philippians 1—“How have you met or been met by Jesus Christ? How has He surprised you? Where would you like to go next?”


September 15 Update

“Thanks for the prayers and care. Allan continues to do remarkably well. For now, Allan needs rest. Cards are welcome, but please no calls or visits at this time. Anne Paulson ( is our point person for offers to help. Praise God.”  – Betsy


September 14 Update

“Allan had a restful night, with Sarah staying with him. The plan is for him to move to step down unit today and home in the next few days. We are grateful for all your prayers and expressions of love. And most thankful that God has extended Allan’s life. Thanks for continued prayers for healing, strengthening, and the steady process of changing habits.” – Betsy


September 13 Update

Allan received a stent this afternoon, with no bypass surgery required.  We are giving thanks! He will be at Duke a few more days and then under the care of Duke cardiology outpatient. Thank you for the many, many prayers and expressions of love. We welcome prayers for a strong recovery and a full life ahead–without BBQ. (That last part is from Betsy!)

Right now, rest is key to Allan’s recovery. Cards are welcome, but please no calls or visits. We need to stay focused on getting better. Keep praying in confident hope.


September 11 Letter

Dear Blacknall Family,

We found out this morning that Allan had a heart attack yesterday. Thankfully, Durham is “The City of Medicine” and Allan received excellent and timely medical care. The medical team is discerning the next steps in Allan’s treatment, with one of the possibilities being bypass surgery. As you know, this is not a minor surgery and we are asking that you would pray for Allan and Betsy, the children—Ellie, Sam, and Sarah—and for the entire medical team that is caring for him.

Several of you in the congregation know what he is facing, having undergone similar surgery and treatment yourselves. And the Lord surely knows. Allan has been such a blessing to us. Naturally, we want to show our affection for him and to respond in some way that would be helpful. We encourage you to send a card to the church or to Allan and Betsy’s home. However, we ask that you refrain from calling the family or visiting until we get through his treatments and their immediate aftermath. Anne Paulson will serve as our point person if you would like to serve Allan and Betsy in some tangible way.

The church office will be able to provide you with any updates, and we will let you know as Allan progresses and returns to health and strength. Feel free to check in with Donna McBrite at any time, or ask any of the staff.

In the meantime we do ask you to pray. In times like these we recognize the strength of the fabric of our community. Three years ago you beautifully supported me (David) and Kim as we walked through my own health crisis. Allan has walked with many of us through our own crises. Let us walk with the whole Poole family now, as we ask our loving Heavenly Father to restore Allan to complete health and to give Allan’s family the strength and assurance they need. Confident in the love of our Father, we pray that Allan would return quickly to his work and life among us.

Yours in Christ,
David & Goodie