Partner with Congo Initiative


Blacknall and Congo Initiative have agreed to journey together as Deep Common Journey partners. Partnership is a complicated business separated by such huge physical and political barriers. Given the uncertainty around the election, teams from our congregation won’t be able to visit again until next year. Here are a few ideas from Congo Initiative about how to get involved.

Ways to Partner

  • Host one or several of the English teachers from the UCBC, the Congo Initiative University. They are in Durham July 3 – 10.  Sign up to host them overnight, host them for a meal, take them to a Bulls game, invite your friends over to meet them, or have them join your Bible study group. 
  • Consider becoming a mentor for a student in a new business incubator in Beni called Waukesha. You’ll meet monthly with an aspiring entrepreneur and mentor them.
  • Consider supporting a UCBC student’s tuition either as a family or with several families together. It costs about $1,800 a year for a student to attend UCBC.
  • For psychologists, therapists and counselors: present an online training seminar for lay counseling staff at Bethseda Counseling Center.
  • Gather school supplies, books, and appropriate electronics for both ABC and La Charité schools. Some things can be sourced locally or in Uganda, but others cannot.
  • Consider getting involved in financially supporting a faculty member to receive advanced education in their field
  • Plan to spend 1 month, 2 months, 1 year, or 2 years in Beni. There are opportunities for teaching at the primary, secondary, or University level. Or, you could help Congo Initiative establish good business and accounting practices. You could offer agricultural and agribusiness training. You could work with volunteer counselors at Bethseda.
  • David Eagle collected survey responses from over 100 pastors in Beni about their work, their mental health and how they perceive of mental illness. This will hopefully be presented at a pastor’s conference next year in Beni. If you want to help with planning or leading this conference, contact David. 
  • Students: spend your summer in Beni; arrange an independent service learning program as part of your program.
  • If you are thinking of deeper involvement, start learning French now (I’m serious!)

 If something sets off a spark, no matter how small, please contact David Eagle.