September 21-November 16
Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 p.m.

 A 9-week educational series featuring dinner, fellowship, and learning programs for all ages. Excellent teachers from the community plan exciting classes in biblical study, essentials of the Christian faith, marriage, mission, prayer, and more. This is a highlight of Blacknall’s life together! Download brochure.

Help – Volunteers are needed for set-up, clean-up, and children’s classes. Sign up here.


Theology of the Body
What is the meaning of our bodies? So often, in our culture and maybe even in church, we are told that our bodies are enemies that need to be controlled or overcome. But what are our bodies for? What might our bodies—and our bodies’ desires to be with others—teach us about being made in God’s image? And how might our life in God help us to understand our bodies? Join us as we explore these questions using Pope John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” as a launching point. The format will be a video presentation followed by discussion. Topics include: the significance of our bodies as male and female, the importance of both marriage and celibacy as witnesses to God’s love; the relationship between the body, sin, and resurrection.
Teachers: Chris & Stephanie Blumhofer, Warren Kinghorn, Pastor Allan Poole

Bruce Springsteen: The American Dream & The Kingdom of God
There may not be a better contemporary narrator of the hopes, dreams, and tragedy of being an American than Bruce Springsteen. For over 40 years he has been singing about the promises that shape us as Americans. In this course we will examine how these promises are dim and distorted echoes of God’s Kingdom. Our intent will be to discern the misplaced hopes and expectations in an American Dream that cannot satisfy our longings for God’s Kingdom and to affirm the goodness and rightness of what we have received in God’s Kingdom through Jesus Christ. We will also take time to confess and lament our own misplaced hopes and dreams as American Christians. You need not be a Bruce fan to enjoy this course, but you might be one by the end.
Teachers: Matt Bridges, Evan Cate, Pastor David Dunderdale

Study of the letter to the Philippians
This fall, as we read Philippians together, we’ll seek to read faithfully—to understand the text before us and, as faithful readers, to consider and begin to see how the text changes us. We will look at the ways God calls and transforms us to be more like Christ, and talk about how we do that in, and call each other to, community.
Teachers: Steve Hinkle, Allison Wattenbarger

Small Groups
Current Small Groups can participate together in Table Talk in a variety of ways. Small Groups can sign-up for a class together, or can come, enjoy dinner and fellowship, and then use a small room for your meeting. Please contact David Dunderdale to reserve a room.

Middle and High School youth are welcome in all classes.

Third-Fifth Graders
GIRLS – Meet in Room 110 for a friendship book club led by Karen Strubel and her assistant. Karen is a child psychologist specializing in play therapy and parent training. She and her husband live in Hillsborough and Karen has been getting to know the young parents this summer at playgroups.

BOYS – Meet in the Youth Room for a book club and game time. This group will be led by Chrisitan Pikaart and his assistant.

4 year olds –  Second grade
Meet in Room 102 for a fun time learning new songs. This class will be led by Doris Stam and her assistants. Doris is a former professional teacher, who now teaches music from her home in Durham, as well as teaching First Grade Sunday school.

Childcare is available for infants through age 3.

Dinner Cost
$5        Adult
$3        Children 6-College
Free     Children 5 & under

Max family charge per week is $15.00.
Get a free meal by paying in advance for the entire program!

We will have a tasty, nutritious meal available in the Fellowship Hall; there is no separate Children’s Menu. We do not offer a separate vegetarian option, but we do offer salad, bread, and plenty of vegetables and fruits each week. We also stock vegetarian options in the freezer; feel free to ask for one when you arrive.