Sunday School

10-10:45 a.m.

Welcome! Classes are always open to visitors. Need help? Look for a deacon wearing a bright red vest on Sunday mornings.

College-Age Fellowship

Honest conversations about scripture and our lives. This year we will talk about worship. How do we allow our lives to be shaped in order to grow in our own identity as worshippers of Christ? Come for amazing breakfast pastries, lively discussion, prayer, and fellowship!
Leader: Lauren Hunter
Location: Parlor

Young Adults

If you’re looking to get to know people and to put a regular time of Bible Study into your schedule at Blacknall, this is a place for you. Young professionals, graduate students, working, or aimlessly wandering are all welcome.
Leaders: Chris Blumhofer, Katie Waltar
Location: Community Room, Room 201

30s & 40s Class

Join other folks in their 30’s and 40’s for conversation about life and reflection on the Sermon on the Mount.
Leaders: Goodie Bell, Mary Mathew, Christian Pikaart
Location: Fellowship Hall

Faith Seeking Understanding

A new series looking at the alleged warfare between science and the Christian faith. Using “The Big Question: Why We Can’t Stop Talking about Science, Faith and God” by Alister McGrath, we will explore the notion that faith and science are complementary to one another.
Leader: Russ Congleton
Location: Choir Room, 103

Essential Old Testament Passages

What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of your existence this week? What really matters? The class will read 3 passages each week and will discuss the main theme, what God is like, and its response to our questions. Prerequisite: commit to read 3 Bible passages a week.
Leaders: John Hamilton & Michael Whisenhunt
Location: Room 404


This multi-generational class studies scripture following the sermon series. We use group discussion as a means to enrich our understanding of how we might practically live out the gospel, as well as provide Christian community.
Leaders: Don Grigg & Rudy Renfer
Location: Room 402

Guided Prayer

Pray quietly together, coming into God’s presence, moving from one impulse of prayer to another—presence, worship, thanksgiving, listening, examining ourselves, confession, petition—as the Spirit leads. Much of the time is silent, listening presence with God and each other.
Leader: Jonathan Robie
Location: David Dunderdale’s office, Room 211

Growing in Grace

Learn how to read Revelation responsibly and focus on how it was understood by the first readers. See what is meant by following the Lamb wherever He goes, and concentrate on life application. A combination of lecture, discussion, audio-visuals, and prayer. Join at any time.
Leader: Paul Immanuel
Location: The Upper Room, Room 405

What’s New about the New Testament

How do you understand the relationship of the Old and New Testaments? What does Jesus bring to our understanding of God? A discussion-based class that highlights what Jesus introduced into our understanding of God and the new relationship we have with Him.
Leaders: David Dunderdale, Bisharah Libbus
Location: Room 401

Questions? Contact Warren Kinghorn.

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