Sunday School


Gather with others in the Upper Atrium immediately following the 8:30 a.m. worship service for a time of fellowship and connection. Enjoy locally brewed coffee and sharing life with one another before classes begin at 10 a.m. Classes are open to all and visitors are always welcome! Questions? Contact Warren Kinghorn.

Adult Classes |  9:45-10:45 a.m.

…mental health, the Church, and the Christian story

Aims of the class are to provide theological resources for thinking about mental health, to give opportunities for people with expertise to share, to give people at Blacknall an opportunity to talk openly about mental health and mental illness, and to hear from those who live with mental illness at Blacknall an opportunity to share their stories in a supportive context.  The 15-week class runs through June. Contact: Warren Kinghorn.

…seeking God in the midst of college life?

College-age folks: Please join us for food, fellowship, Scripture, and prayer.  We are studying the books of 1 & 2 Samuel, looking at the shape of God’s covenant faithfulness and how we, as God’s people today, might grow through these stories of power, personality, and providence. Located in the Parlor. Contact: Beth Hilliard.

…Christ and community?

Come to the Community Class to discuss life together and the practical implications of scripture in Christian community and culture. We do this by exploring scripture and Christian commentary that is chosen to compliment the sermon series. The class format includes readings to provoke discussion and encourage the sharing of personal experiences and ideas. Located in Room 401 (4th floor). Contact: Rudy Renfer and Don Grigg.

…reading the New Testament in Greek?

Join the Gospels in Greek Class! We read a passage in Greek a few sentences at a time, exploring the meaning using activities and questions while speaking mostly in Greek. The last 15 minutes are for interpreting and applying what we read (in English). Beginners are welcome – we’ll get you through it. Located in Room 211 (David Dunderdale’s Office). Contact: Jonathan Robie.

…a biblical approach to hospitality?

The Crossroads Class will be meeting together for Bible study, mutual encouragement, and prayer.   Though the group will determine the focus of conversation, the class this fall will focus in part on what Scripture says about hospitality, its manifestations, and its benefits. Located in Room 404 (4th Floor). Contact: Bisharah Libbus.

…exploring why American Christians sometimes think more like Americans than like Christians?

The Faith Seeking Understanding class will continue with our study of Mark Noll’s book, “America’s God” through March. The book explores the difficulties and confusion that can arise for Christians between the claims of “faithful allegiance” to a post-Enlightenment nation-state (the USA) and the challenges of being a faithful follower of Christ. Newcomers to the class are welcome. Located in Room 402 (4th Floor) Contact: Russ Congleton.

…the Kingdom of God according to Luke?

The Growing in Grace class is focusing on a study on the Kingdom of God, looking at what Jesus preached as recorded by Luke and how the early church interpreted His words and put it into action. Located in Room 405 (Upper Room, 4th floor). Contact: Paul Immanuel.

…fellowship with Young Adults?

Gather for fellowship, scripture study, prayer – and (hopefully) some fun, too! Join us at any time. We are doing a discussion-based study of the book of Acts through Easter. Located in the Community Room. Contact: Goodie Bell.


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