Sunday School

10-10:45 a.m.

Welcome! Classes are always open to visitors. Need help? Look for a deacon wearing a bright red vest on Sunday mornings. Summer classes run Sundays June 4-August 20.

Parables of Jesus

Refreshing and stimulating video lectures by Dr. Ken Bailey, a gifted teacher and New Testament scholar, who presents an authentic and insightful understanding of the parables and their meaning. Followed by open class participation and discussion. We will come to understand Jesus’ use of story and metaphor to clarify and emphasize the meaning of the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ.
Leader: Bisharah Libbus
Location: The “Glass Room,” Fellowship Hall

College-Age & Young Adults

This class is designed to start honest conversations about Scripture and our lives. If you’re looking to get to know people, this is a place for you. College-age, young professionals, graduate students, working, or aimlessly wandering are all welcome.
Leader: Goodie Bell
Location: Community Room, Room 201


This multi-generational class studies scripture following the sermon series. We use group discussion as a means to enrich our understanding of how we might practically live out the gospel, as well as provide Christian community.
Leaders: Don Grigg & Rudy Renfer
Location: Parlor

Discipleship in a Confusing World

Join the Growing in Grace Class as we study the book of Revelation. The class focuses on learning how to live through life’s many challenges in a world that is alien to the gospel.
Leader: Paul Immanuel 
Location: The Upper Room, Room 405

Faith Seeking Understanding

Join us as we use “Mere Apologetics” by Alister McGrath as our guide for study. We do not require the purchase of books, or even checking them out from the library.
Leader: Russ Congleton
Location: Room 402

Questions? Contact Warren Kinghorn.

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