Sunday School

Sunday mornings, 9:45 – 10:45 a.m.


Spring 2015 Adult Education Offerings

Gather with others at Blacknall in the Upper Atrium immediately following the 8:30 a.m. worship service for a time of fellowship and connection. Enjoy locally brewed coffee and sharing life with one another before classes begin at 10 a.m. Classes are open to all and visitors are always welcome! Contact Warren Kinghorn with general questions about adult education offerings at Blacknall.

Click here to download a printable version of the Spring 2015 class schedule for Adults. Click here for a printable PDF version of the Children and Youth classes.

Information on nursery and children’s programs, youth classes, and college classes.

Sunday School Class List

Are you interested in…
…learning more about how God speaks to us?

Does life seem too busy and noisy to hear what God is saying? How does God speak to us, and how do we prepare ourselves to listen to God? In Listening to God Speak, beginning January 18, we will examine how God speaks to us through spiritual practices, worship, and community. Gifted Blacknall teachers will explore how God speaks in scripture, prayer, art, preaching, sacrament, music, eating together, serving together, and caring for one another. Located in the Fellowship Hall (adjacent to Sanctuary). Contact: Warren Kinghorn and Janise Matyas Smith.

…the theology of C.S. Lewis?

The Faith Seeking Understanding Class will continue the study of the theology of C.S. Lewis this spring. We will look at Lewis’s thought as if he were a systematic theologian. Many books have attempted to impose system on Lewis’s thought and we will follow on the heels of those attempts. Located in Room 402 (4th Floor). Contact: Russ Congleton.

…the Gospel of John and navigating adult life?

The Young Adult Community gathers in the Parlor each Sunday for fellowship, food, prayer, and scripture study. Single or married, graduate student, young professional, or in transition, all are welcome! Located in Room 201 (Community Room behind the Library). Contact: Goodie Bell.

…a deeper knowledge of the New Testament?

Want to study the New Testament, but don’t know where to start? Journey Through the Bible will take a lively and fast-paced tour of the Gospels and letters of Paul. New to the Bible or just plain intimidated by it? This class is for you! Located in Room 215 (Parlor). Contact: Josh Leim.

…studying the Greek language?

Join the Greek Reading Class as we study the Gospel of Luke in Greek. We take turns reading a sentence out loud and interpreting it with help of the group. Don’t worry if you are rusty or self-taught. If you can struggle your way through simple Greek sentences, we can work out the meaning together. Located in Room 211 (David Dunderdale’s Office). Contact: Jonathan Robie.

…Christ and community?

Come to the Community Class to discuss life together and the practical implications of scripture in Christian community and culture. We do this by exploring scripture and Christian commentary that is chosen to compliment the sermon series. The class format includes readings to provoke discussion and encourage the sharing of personal experiences and ideas. Located in Room 401 (4th floor). Contact: Rudy Renfer and Don Grigg.

…the Kingdom of God according to Luke?

The Growing in Grace Class is continuing a study on the Kingdom of God, looking at what Jesus preached as recorded by Luke and how the early church interpreted his words and put it into action as Luke recorded them in the book of Acts. Located in Room 405 (Upper Room, 4th floor). Contact: Paul Immanuel.

…relating to your adult child?

The Crossroads Class is going to take a look at the subject of relating to your adult children by studying the models of parenting we find in the book of Genesis – from God through Jacob, being careful to not add to the text; but instead, to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of parenting in this wonderful book. Location: Room 103 (Choir Room, Commons); Contact: Jeanie Hamilton.

…faithful discipleship as a college student?

Join the College Class for breakfast, fellowship, scripture study, and prayer. We also host monthly lunches after the 11 a.m. worship service. Located in Room 403 (4th Floor). Contact: James Fenwick and Beth Hilliard.