Sunday School

Sunday mornings from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m.

Classes are available for all ages and stages of life. See below for more information on our programs available during the Sunday School hour.

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Adult Sunday School

See below for information on the specific classes offered this Spring. Visitors are always welcome to come and try out a class before committing! Please contact Karl Umble with general questions about adult Sunday School classes at Blacknall.


Click here for a printable PDF version of the Spring 2014 class schedule for Adults.  Click here for a printable PDF version of the Children, Youth & College classes.

Spring 2014 Adult Sunday School Classes

Young Adult Community

1 Corinthians: The Young Adults gather in the Parlor each Sunday for fellowship, food, prayer, and scripture study. Single or married, graduate student, young professional, or in transition, all are welcome! We will continue our  discussion-based study of 1 Corinthians through the end of February. In March we will begin a study focused on Lent and the Easter season.
Location: Parlor | Contact: Goodie Bell

Bible Community

Introduction to the Old and New Testaments: Have you ever wanted to know the Bible better? If so, we’d love to have you join this class where each week we look at a different book of Scripture and learn what it says and why it matters. This class is not geared toward biblical scholars, but toward those who want a solid introduction to what Scripture says.
Location: Fellowship Hall | Contact: Josh Leim


The Crossroads class is a discussion- and dialogue-driven class; each week, we focus on the passages of scripture given in the Revised Common Lectionary and consider how these passages relate to each other and to our lives.
Location: Room 404 (4th Floor) | Contact: Brian Free

Faith Seeking Understanding

Our guide for study this winter and spring will be Timothy Keller’s October 2013 book, Walking with God through Pain and Suffering. Keller’s book encourages, or challenges, his readers to acknowledge that pain and suffering are essential parts of the human condition which can only be overcome by properly understanding our relationship to God.
Location: Room 402 (4th Floor) | Contact: Russ Congleton

Growing in Grace

We are focusing on the theme “Discipleship on the Edge.” Using texts from the gospels and the book of Revelation, we will focus on how to be disciples in a world that is hostile to the faith. We will be encouraged in our walk with Jesus as we study Scripture together and apply it at home, at work and in the community. We will have skits, presentations, and discussions to make the class lively, entertaining and enriching. The class will also have social opportunities to get to know people at Blacknall outside of the Sunday School hour.
Location: Room 405 (Upper Room) | Contact: Paul Immanuel

Community Class

We hold an ongoing discussion of topics regarding life together & the practical implications of scripture in Christian community and culture. Currently, we are studying the book of Matthew, roughly paralleling the sermon series study of the book of Mark. We will weave in readings from Brazos commentary on Matthew written by Stanley Hauerwas, which has been found to be rich, rewarding and thoughtful. This will enable us to combine study of scripture, guided by the sermons with Matthew’s perspective and utilize commentary resources for the discussion.
Location: Room 401 (4th Floor) | Contact: Rudy Renfer and Don Grigg

Perspectives Fellowship

We are a group of adults of varying ages and life stages. This winter and spring, we will be using a topical approach to study Proverbs. We want to create a welcoming environment for all, even if you can only come once in a while.  Please join us!  And feel free to teach a segment if you like!
Location: Community Room 201 | Contact: Caleb Pineo

Fundamental Skills of Bible Study

Eli and Peyton Manning returned 4 months ago to their old coach, David Cutcliffe, for a review of the fundamentals of the quarterback position. For 500 years Christians have agreed—more or less—on a small list of fundamental skills required to study the Bible well. When violating fundamental skills, quarterbacks lose games and Christians misinterpret God’s voice to them. Most Christians give up studying the bible, concluding they can’t get the good stuff out anyway. Maybe their problem is just in the fundamentals. How well are you aligned with the fundamental skills of bible study? Maybe this class can do for you what David Cutcliffe did for Eli and Peyton.
Location: Room 103 (Choir Room) | Contact: John Hamilton

Greek Reading

Want to brush up on your Greek? Join us for an informal time of working through Greek texts from the bible. No preparation required, and come even if you’re very rusty!
Location: Room 211 (David Dunderdale’s Office) | Contact: Tom McGlothlin