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Are you interested in meeting new people? Deepening your relationships at Blacknall within a smaller community? Studying Scripture with others? Then consider joining a Blacknall small group!  New groups will be forming in the fall and some established groups are looking for new members.  Contact the Small Groups Committee for more information:

Interested in Joining a Group?

Several groups are excited to welcome new members this fall!  Please email for more information, or feel free to contact a group leader directly.


What is a small group?
Small groups are usually 4-12 people who commit to gathering regularly – typically weekly and for one year – to pray, study, and encourage one another; after each year, members may choose to commit for another year or may freely join another group.

Why are small groups important?
As we continue to grow as a congregation, small groups are an especially useful means for people to come to know others in the church, to discover their gifts, and to feel increasingly connected to the larger body of believers at Blacknall.

What happens at a small group meeting?
Typically, people meet together in homes to pray, study and fellowship. Each group has its own flavor, however, and members decide among themselves the format and content of their group. Some groups follow the sermons, focusing on that week’s Scripture text. Other groups read and discuss a book or study a book of the Bible. Additional elements might include sharing a meal, singing in worship, corporate prayer, establishing accountability partners, etc.

How are groups organized at Blacknall?
Each group is organized in a way that works for its members. They can be mixed-gender, single-gender, intentionally inter-generational or focused on one life stage, etc. Many groups are based on geographical proximity as well. If you are interested in joining a group, please be sure to specify your preference(s) (if any) on the sign-up form.

What is the role of a small group coordinator?
Coordinators need not always lead or teach their group, but agree to take responsibility for coordinating the gifts and talents of the group’s members to accomplish the groups commonly agreed-upon purposes (including leading and teaching).

How do I get involved?
Contact the small group ministry team ( There are opportunities to join, coordinate, or host small groups. The team also welcomes any comments, ideas or questions.

Small Group Ministry Team: Tanya Moore (chair), Mike Boone, Todd Dimsdale, David Dunderdale, and Steve Metcalf