Sunday School

9:45 a.m. – 10:45 a.m. on Sunday mornings
2 year olds – Fifth Grade

Kids SS Collage 2

Summer Story Stations

An opportunity for everyone, young and old alike, to create, play, listen, imagine, and dance with the stories of the Old Testament. We will eat foods particular to the story, make art, read books, and experience the story through all five senses. The Story Stations are for everyone in the church. Grab someone young or old, with or without children or whose children are grown, and ask them to walk with you!  You won’t want to miss this chance to walk through scripture together.

Location: Fellowship Hall   Facilitator: Traci Hoover

About Sunday School

Children meet in classrooms by grade-level in an effort to reach children on their developmentally appropriate level. Teams of consistent volunteers plans lessons using either Group Hands-On Bible curriculum or their own material in an effort to teach children sound biblical truths in an inter-active, engaging manner. Methods include: music, learning centers, drama, Scripture memory, small groups, and other activities that will communicate the main idea for the week. Key emphases are: (1) introducing children to the basic foundations of and vocabulary of the faith; (2) analyzing biblical stories and helping children draw implications for their own lives of discipleship; (3) affirming the unconditional, personal, and immanent love of God for each child; and (4) developing supporting relationships with peers and adults.

Interested in Joining the Team?

We have a wonderful, diverse team of committed volunteers who believe investing in the lives of children is their ministry at Blacknall! We are always looking for people who want to nurture the church’s children in God’s ways. We believe ministry happens best when we recruit people who are:

(1) Growing disciples of Jesus Christ
(2) Committed to the nurture and growth of children
(3) Serving in an area of giftedness and joy
(4) Serving in a capacity that suits their availability at this particular stage in life
(5) Supported and equipped to carry out the role they are called to at this time

If you are interested in serving in Children’s Ministry, we would love to speak with you about discerning together how you might use the gifts God has given you to build up His body here. Please contact us and we will get together to discuss where might be a good fit for you. Thank you for your interest in our children! For more information on volunteering, please contact Traci Hoover.