101 Things to Do

Do you ever find yourself wondering how you can better connect to our life together at Blacknall? In the fall of 2012, the Hospitality Committee compiled a list of 101 Things to Do at Blacknall that provides creative ways to connect into community. Hard copies are available in the Foyer.

101 Things

101 Things to Do at Blacknall

Sunday Mornings
1. Volunteer in the Nursery (Beth Solie)
2. Check out a book from the Library (First floor at lower Perry St. entrance)
3. Be an usher (Anne Moore)
4. Play a musical instrument (Dave Stuntz)
5. Go to Sunday School class
6. Help with slide projection and audio (Dave Stuntz)
7. Sing in the Choir (Dave Stuntz)
8. Help with Children’s Church (Amy Rowell)
9. Pray (Intercessors are stationed at the altar after both services)
10. No, really, volunteer in the Nursery (Beth Solie)

Serving Opportunities
11. Volunteer to serve a meal with IHN (Brian Averette)
12. Pray for the Congo and Congo Initiative (Kim Dunderdale or Martha Carlough)
13. Become a Reality Ministry “Buddy” (David Sittser)
14. Join the Durham Ministry Team (Bo Harrison)
15. Join English Conversation Club with ISI, Inc. (Dan Kronstad)
16. Volunteer to serve dinner at Pass the Peas (Noreen Naiman)
17. Volunteer with friends at the Great Day of Service (Bo Harrison)
18. Cook a meal for Alpha (Nisrine Pineo)
19. Attend a Saturday Supper with ISI, Inc. (Dan Kronstad)
20. Become a friend of the Blacknall Guild (Betty Renfer)

Fall 2012
21. Become “Lord of the Bean” at the Beans & Barn Dance Chili Cook-Off
22. Get to know new international students (Scott Hawkins)
23. Write a devotional for the Advent Guide (David Dunderdale)
24. Go on the Men’s Retreat
25. Attend “Pass the Peas” with Reality Ministries on Tuesday evenings (Noreen Naiman)
26. Sing at the Lessons & Carols Service (Dave Stuntz)
27. Go on the Women’s Retreat (Margaret Frothingham)
28. Attend the Worship on the Longest Night Service
29. Attend Table Talk meals and classes (Karl Umble)
30. Bring your favorite flavor to the Ice Cream Social!

31. Help with International Cooking Club (Tita Arky)
32. Attend Table Talk meals and classes (Karl Umble)
33. Come to Cornerstone with Blacknall Youth Group (Brad Turnage)
34. Attend an Inquirer’s Class (Allan Poole)
35. Thursday morning Women’s Bible Study (Melissa Hartemink)
36. Saturday morning Men’s Breakfast (Tim Pennigar)
37. Join a small group (Erin Daniel)
38. Listen to a sermon podcast
39. Bring a meal to a family with a new baby (Margaret Frothingham)
40. Attend an Alpha Group