David Stuntz

Director of Music Ministries


Dave Stuntz has served as the Director of Music at Blacknall for 20 years…sorta. He was in that position from 1979-82, then spent 15 years in the far north (Erie, PA) as a one-man music “department” at Penn State-Erie, before returning to Durham (and warmer climes). Dave’s life has been shaped by his love of choral and congregational singing, and has provided leadership for music in the church and community for over 40 years. 

Dave and his wife, Ann, met within their first week as students at UNC, and have maintained their affection for the basketball team (and for each other). They are the parents of Jim, Rebekah & Mark, and are thoroughly enjoying the grandparent experience with Dean and Riley. When not immersed in musical matters, or spending sweet time with the wonderful LCs, Dave can be found wading in swift cold streams in the mountains fly fishing, or talking to anyone who will listen about the Baltimore Orioles of the 1960s-70s (but not the current team, ugh…).