For Such a Time as This


Stories of Women from the Bible, Retold for Girls by Angie Smith, illustrations by Breezy Brookshire

This beautifully illustrated book tells the stories of 40 women from the Bible, both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Some of these stories are ones that we tell here at Blacknall in Children's Worship or Sunday school, so they are well-known by your daughters. Others we've learned a small bit about during Vacation Bible school or just a story here and there. Many are stories of women that you yourself may never have even heard about from the Scriptures, or just have read their names in passing, let alone teaching their stories to your daughters. Even some of the women that we might avoid teaching about have their stories shared in this book.

My hope is that our girls will see that these are not just Bible stories but our stories.

Aimed at girls about third through sixth grade, each chapter tells the story of a different woman from the Scriptures. At the end of each chapter is a section titled "He," pointing the story to God Himself - what can we learn of God and who He is from this woman's story? Next there is a section called "Me" which aims the story back at the girl reading it - how can the truth from this story be reflected in my life? The last paragraph "She", the part that I like the best about this book, is a prayer written by the author, that a parent can pray for their daughter, based on the Scripture from that story. And finally, there is a Hebrew Word for your family to learn together, and a memory verse from the story - to help seal the story from the Scripture in your heart, both for girls and for their parent.

The author says, "My hope is that our girls will see that these are not just Bible stories but our stories. They are stories of great mercy and grace that make up the history of our faith, and they were put here to guide our daughters through their own walks of faith, passed down to them for such a time as this." As our girls learn more and more what it is to be part of the Family of God, I hope that this storybook will open their eyes and their hearts to see the ways God has worked beautiful things through the women of the Bible, and through the women around them today, and even through them! I encourage you to enjoy this book with your daughter soon!

– Beth Solie, Blacknall Director of Elementary Children’s Ministries